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[09 Aug 2008|12:46pm]

o8 | the virgin suicides
o9 | gossip girl
o7 | misc/stock


HERE @ whiteletter
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[08 Aug 2008|02:30pm]

Marie Antoinette Icons & Banner

More here at smoothiess
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75 multi-fandom [31 Jul 2008|08:36pm]

1-15 sisterhood of the traveling pants cast. 16-35 gossip girl. 36-60 kirsten dunst (elizabethtown). 61-65 leighton meester. 66-75 miley cyrus lyrics
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here @ superpancakes
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new [29 Jul 2008|11:42am]

49 Marie Antoinette icons


here @ claire159 
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[22 Jul 2008|09:41am]

 21-Mary poppins (Most of them Dick van Dike & Julie Andrews + a banner)
24-michelle trachtemberg (some from the set of gossip girl)
5- Julie Benz- my beloved Darla!
10-james mcavoy (some from Narnia)
11-sarah michelle gellar
10-keira knightley
10-kirten dunst
1 julianne moore wallpaper
1 britney spears wallpaper
1 becoming jane wallpaper

poppins83ye.png image by _Notfadeaway_james23.png image by _Notfadeaway_kirstne346.png image by _Notfadeaway_
(Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ) 
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InStyle Rus September 2007 [30 Jun 2008|08:54pm]

Free Image Hosting at
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[30 Jun 2008|09:55am]

 5 sparrabeth icons (from Potc, with Johnny & Keira)
15 Rosamund Pike Icons
2 Johnny Depp Icons
12 Pride & Prejudice Icons (Rosamund Pike & Keira Knightley)
15 Eva Longoria Icons
7 kirsten Dunst icons
28 Sarah Michelle Gellar icons
1 welcome banner:
Emma Watson & Rupert Grint
1 friends only banner: seth green & Sarah Michelle Gellar
2 info banners: Sienna Miller & Keira Knightley from "the Edge of Love", Emma Watson
4 headers/banners: Johnny Depp & Rosamund Pike from "The Libertine",Sarah Michelle Gellar & Michelle TRachtemberg, Jennifer Morrison, Sienna Miller & Keira Knightley
1 wallpaper sparrabeth 
ki7823.png image by _Notfadeaway_kirs.png image by _Notfadeaway_kirsdt56.png image by _Notfadeaway_

( Here @ my Livejournal... )
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[28 Jun 2008|04:00pm]

  (33) Sarah Michelle Gellar (includes some from "Veronika decides to die")
(15) Bring it on movie (Eliza Dusku & Kirsten Dunst, a couple  of Clare kramer)
(13) Emma Watson (with a couple from HP)
(94) Devil wears prada (emily blunt,anne hathaway, maryl streep)

bri.png image by _Notfadeaway_d450.png image by _Notfadeaway_

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[24 Jun 2008|10:26am]


[x10] Kirsten Dunst

HERE @ angelsdeparted

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ML [07 May 2008|09:17pm]

Image Hosted by
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